Co-Founder + Principal
I have accumulated four decades of experience in architectural design, specializing in mission critical facilities and film and sound studios for the entertainment industry. My focus on detail not only shapes the aesthetics but also elevates functionality and enhances the end-user experience. I possess an inherent ability to embrace change while pushing boundaries to deliver designs that align seamlessly with the client’s vision.

In the data center realm, I have successfully completed over 1,000 projects, varying in size from 600 to 500,000 square feet. I have collaborated with top mission critical facility clients such as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, offering expertise in program assessment, site planning, project budgeting, and scheduling. At GSB, my clients receive hands-on involvement directly from me throughout the entire project, ensuring the delivery of expert-level results. I recognize the importance of fail-safe requirements and seamlessly integrate them into my design work. Additionally, I have completed multiple kit-of-part projects and prototype designs for the technology industry. This has become an area of continued interest and exposure for me, as I find these clients value these methods.

Whether it’s the technological backbone of a data center or the creative haven of a film studio, I lead my team to meet a diverse array of requirements. Following the completion of my initial movie studio project for Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, I embarked on designing a dozen master plans for future film and television production studios. One of the most significant projects was the development of Tyler Perry’s 330-acre studios at the former Fort McPherson base.